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How to use uses a custom database to keep track of the marker info. Below is an explanation of the data that is recorded for each marker.

Crumb Navigation – This light gray bar allows you to back up from the current page you are on to the manufacture, or the main exhibit page.

Hero Shot – This main image shows a typical specimen.

Name – The name of the marker.

Manufacturer – The maker of the marker.

Year – Estimated year of release.

Short Description – A few sentences introducing the marker. Some will have a link to a longer description, giving even more information and detailing variants.


Action – How the marker is operated.

Valve Style – Which valve the marker is based on.

Class – What playing class the marker is.

Caliber – The caliber of paintballs the marker shot.

Barrel – To describe if the barrel was fixed or removable.

Gas Source – To describe what gas source it was set up for.


Image Gallery – If available, this will be a showcase of pictures from various collections, showing variants of the marker as well as close ups and detail shots.

Advertisement Scans – Scans of ads featuring the marker from paintball magazines.

Article Scans – Scans of articles about the marker in paintball magazines.

Manuals – Scans of the marker’s manual.

Related Patents – PDFs of patents that may have been used or related to the marker.

Collectors Corner

VintageRex Rating – A rating that shows the collectablity of the marker. The more desirable it is to the collectors market, the higher the rating. Age, rarity, and popularity are factored in to determine the rating.

Production Number – The estimated number made (if known)

Original Price – the MSRP or street price from when the marker was popular and used.

Variants – Markers that were too similar to warrant their own entry. Often, they were just models with added accessories and given a different name.

Options and Accessories – Popular branded items that came with some markers. (ex. a Line Si 12 gram changer on a Bushmaster)

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