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Copyright Policy (AKA Please don't sue us) is a website dedicated to the preservation of the history of paintball and the education of that history. The content, layout, graphics, marker database, and CSS/HTML/PERL code is all owned and copyrighted to While we certainly don’t mind you linking to content on this site, please do not use our graphics or copy as your own. If you ask us permission, we will most likely allow you to reproduce our data with the proper notation giving credit to

The Hypocritical Part
This site is full of Trademarked and copyrighted material that doesn’t own, nor does it even have permission to use. In our pursuit to archive the history of our sport, we have included scans of magazine articles, manuals, and advertisements. In most cases we do not have permission to do so. While this is in violation of current copyright law, we have adopted a policy of “its better to ask forgiveness than permission”. Simply put, we do not have the resources to seek permission from all the proper channels. Some the items are copyrighted by companies that are no longer in business and we wouldn’t even know where to begin to look to find who is the proper owner to get permission.

However, we do not wish to make these works appear as our own. Nor do we want to compete with the owners of these copyrights. With this we have adopted the following policies:

1) All material from magazines, etc shall be 10 years old or older. This is to show that our interests are strictly for archival purposes, and not to rip off articles and compete against the magazines.

2) All materials (images, advertisements, articles) that we do not own the copyright to shall be marked as such, and disclosed where the item was referenced from. For example, if an article from a magazine is scanned, the magazine name, published date, and copyright will be posted on the scans of that article. This is to show again that we make no claims to the ownership of said materials and do not wish to contest the copyright.

If you are the owner of copyrighted material that is on this site, we ask that you please grant us formal permission to use your works, with full credit still being given to you. We hope that you see our mission is one of preservation and education, not to make a fast buck off your hard work.

According to copyright law, a portion of copyrighted material may be reproduced as part of “fair use”. However, “fair use” is often open to interpretation by the courts. Therefore, if you are the owner of copyrighted materials and you DO NOT wish us to use it on our site, please do not send your lawyers after us. A simple email asking us to remove specific information will suffice. Simply tell us who you are and show some credentials and we will be glad to comply.

If you are the owner of copyrighted material and we have NOT given you proper credit, please email us and alert us to our oversight so that it may be corrected ASAP.

We also make no claim nor hold no rights to any Trademarked names that may be used, as they are the property of their respective owners.

We hope everyone will embrace the spirit of this site as an archive of information, but if you have any problems with any content on our site, please email us.

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This site is littered with Trademarks and copyrighted material that are property of thier respecitve owners.
When such material is used, the origins and copyright ownership is noted when possible. View our Copyright Policy.