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Rental Z

Rental Z

Manufacturer: Montneel Designs
Year: 1992

This is the rental version of the Icon-Z that was sold to paintball fields. Has slip fit barrel.

The extreme durability of the Z made it a sutable choice for a rental. But the high cost made it a theft concern. So, Montneel released the RentalZ, which was an modified version of the Z-2 ONLY availible to field-owners. It featured the word "RENTAL" machined in large size into the side, and a dull-red anno to deter theives. It had the Mega-Z style barrel-release, and featured stainless screws instead of standard. The RentalZ may have either the SUMMER or WINTER valve, depending what the field desired. About 1,250 were made. Often referred to as the "Z-R". The machine-work was not as finished as other Montneel guns. Swirl marks are visible on the grip-frame.


Action: Semi Automatic
Valve Style: Montneel
Class: Open
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Direct
Barrel: Removable
Gas Source: Contant Air


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Z-1 - Mega-Z Breakdown - pdf 268 kb

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