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Mega Z

Mega Z

Manufacturer: Montneel Designs
Year: 1993

Has slip fit barrel. 1993-1996

Only about 1,500 of the Splash versions were made.

Type 1 Essentially, a highly upgraded Z-1. Came stock with a super-tuned W valve, super-fast trigger, vert ASA with stainless hard-lines. nylatron bolt, removable feed-block, 3-pc locking barrel (brass, SS, AL), barrel pull pin, and breech pull pin. Widely popular throughout the tournament curcuit. About 800 "type 1" Mega-Zs were made at the New Milford factory. Retail price was $525

Type 2 The Mega-Z was updated after Montneel switched to the Binghamton factory. Improvements included replacing the nylatron bolt with a "Starfire" aluminium bolt, plus a stronger bolt-link. Mount blocks had inserts added to minimize stripping. Longer, more effecient hammer was added. Sear cam was changed from wire type, to c-clip type. About 1000 "type-2" Mega-Zs were made Both the nylatron, and star-fire bolt were produced by PICCO of Connecticut

Type 3 The "Type 3" referred to Z-1 and Z-R guns that were CONVERTED to Mega-Z specs. This meant upgrading the barrel, barrel/lock and the breech/lock system. Adding the Vert-ASA and hardline. Adding the MegaZ sear, valve, hammer, bolt, etc. Cost of all availible upgrades was $200, though any individual upgrade could also be done for less cost. (For example, the Vert-ASA option was $50 and very popular). The only thing that was not upgrade was the site-rail, making the "Type-3" MegaZs easy to spot. Depending on when they were converted, they may have used "Type-1" or "Type-2" parts.


Action: Semi Automatic
Valve Style: Montneel
Class: Open
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Direct
Barrel: Fixed
Gas Source: Contant Air


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