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Grey Ghost 2006

Grey Ghost 2006

Manufacturer: Lapco
Year: 2006

Rumors began circling around 2005 that LAPCO would be releasing an updated version of The Grey Ghost, an iconic late 80's tournament pump gun.

Pre-orders were taken by dealers and anticipation ran high, but LAPCO constantly delayed the launch. Photos of an unfinished prototype were released to the dismay of many, who were revolted by its cobbled together parts-bin appearance. With the one-year mark approaching, many tried to reclaim their pre-order money only to find out that LAPCO had never accepted any, leaving it up to their dealers.

The first Ghosts were won by The Blowfish, a team who had gained internet notoriety in the early 2000s for playing with pumps in uncapped tournaments. This incensed some who had pre-ordered the Ghosts over a year prior. Six months after winning the guns, they were delivered. Several of the Blowfish sold the guns upon their arrival, which angered LAPCO. The company claimed that it had sent them to the Blowfish for beta testing purposes, and expected them to be eventually returned and exchanged.

Despite a poorly handled launch that even saw founder Colin Thompson leave LAPCO, the new Grey Ghost is a terrific stockgun. It occupies a price bracket between the CCI Phantoms and Earon Carter's hand-built guns. Fit and finish is exceptionally good, and the internals feature some of LAPCO's best parts - #6 Powertubes and fluted hammers, as well as the legendary barrels.


Action: Pump
Valve Style: Nelson
Class: Stock
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Stock
Barrel: Removable
Gas Source: 12 Gram


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