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AGD - Micro-CA II

AGD - Micro-CA II

Manufacturer: AGD
Year: 1988

Many wonder where the Micro-CA name came from; it was short for “very small Constant Air system.” In the late 80’s the use of 12 gram CO2 cartridges dominated the paintball scene and constant air was the new buzz word. The ability to change 12 grams quickly was the make or break move in most tournament games. The advent of lever action quick changes made the job much faster and there were several on the market. The Micro-CA had the then novel feature of a back check valve that would hold air in the marker for one shot while you changed cartridges; hence the reference to “constant air” in the name. Many players found out about the back check valve after being marked out, when they went to charge the person because they heard the 12 gram being changed. The Micro-CA went out of production in 1989.


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