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AGD - 6 Pack

AGD - 6 Pack

Manufacturer: AGD
Year: 1989

The AGD 6-Pack, staying true to its name, held 6 - 12gram Cartridges, and with the pull of a lever, the spent cartridge was ejected, and a new one was put in place, ready to be used.

This system gave the user a great advantage over others still using the old 1 at a time changers.

Many paintball gun manufacturers offered this 6-pack as an option to buy along with their gun. The LAPCO Grey Ghost was one of them.

When introduced at the Line SI Masters in Nashville the entire stock of 100 sold out in hours. The AGD crew worked furiously to build more and ship them down overnight only to have them sell out again. When two were given out at the players’ party the product received a standing ovation.

The 6-pak allowed for virtually instantaneous changing of the 12 gram cartridge without even lowering the marker. At the time constant air was not being allowed in tournaments because it changed the game too much. With the use of the 6-pak the point was moot so by the next year all the major tournaments went to constant air.

This is probably the only paintball product whose tremendous success caused its own demise. Production started and stopped in 1989. Only 2000 were ever built.


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