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Features of the Gargoyle:

Autococker threaded body.

Comes with a Phantom barrel with adapter. (Autococker to Phantom) Simply remove the included adapter and you will be able to use Autococker threaded barrels directly screwed into the body of the Gargoyle.

Pump Body with ability to use both Phantom and Autococker barrels. The Gargoyle comes with the Phantom ID pump bushings. These can be removed and replaced with the Autococker ID'd pump bushings so that the larger Autococker threaded barrels can be used.

Dual rods. One connected to the Bolt and one as a guide rod.

Two part Valve body allowing quick and easy valve spring removal. If you need to change your valve spring it's very simple. Just remove the valve cap, slide the valve insert out and access your spring. Valve cap is ASA threaded.

Smooth Sliding Trigger.

Removable Feed Block for easy removal of the Bolt, Main Spring, and Hammer. If you need to get to your internals just back out the feed tube and release the feed block. Spin the barrel adapter out a bit for bolt clearance and your internals will come right out.

Feed Tube feed gate milled to allow O-Ring or rubber band for ball retention.

Custom Milling.

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