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Years later in 1991. Montneel originally picked Icon Designs as the company name, and "Z" as the gun name. NSG threatened to sue since they already trademarked the name "Icon". So they changed the name of the company to Montneel.

Then in 1993, they started using the name Icon-Z for there gun. By that time, NSG had collapsed, so they didn't worry about being sued. Montneel originally had Bullseye as a distributor, but after suing each other out of business, Montneel switched to Gino at NPS.

Then in 1994, the deal with NPS went "bad", and Montneel ripped up there distribution contract. Gino, in retaliation, bought the trademark of "Icon" from Bob Gurnsey, and then had the Montneel Z gun cloned, and copied in China. And with the trademark in hand, sold it as the NPS Icon-Z!

Fortunetly, the NPS Icon-Z (1994) was a peice of crap, and didn't last long. But as they owned the trademark, they renewed it to use with its latest Spyder clones called the (ahem) Icon-Z.

So the latest 32-Degrees Icon-E has an odd connection all the way back to Bob Gurnsey and the beginning of paintball.....

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