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Lou "Gramps" Grubb and Mike "Grizzly" Grubb, long time airsmiths and store
owners in southern California, report that this is a Gramps &
Grizzly-modified KBS Eliminator. The KBS Eliminator had a steel barrel (with
perpetual rust issues), front post sights, and a top loader holder accepting
either cigar tubes or a PVC direct feed extention. On this particular
marker, the stock was hand built by Gramps, and G&G side tapped the marker
for constant air, California style. This would have been around 1986.
Adventure Game Supplies (Matt and David, opened in 1986 in Bellflower, CA)
made the barrel, top loader, and front sight.

This model has a single rod pump with an inline pump; in comparison, the KBS
Eliminator AR had a double rod with a vertical pump. G&G made some of these
into a pistol-style configuration called the Luger, with no stock, made from
the same loader and sight components swapped onto a shorter steel barrel
from Canada that originally came n the MK-1 Uzi marker.

Gramps and Grizzly modified about 12 of the KBS Eliminators for constant
air, and 3 or 4 for stock 12-gram play. Gramps made the stocks
himself in the G&G machine shop. The grip body and stock attached with a nut
and screw coming through the grip body. Later, when AirTech came out with
aluminum barrels, G&G would swap the barrel to aluminum and also change out
the top feed and front sight.

Gramps & Grizzly's Outpost was located in Riverside, California closed it's doors on Dec. 28th 2008, ending what has become the worlds oldest paintball store.

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