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1) What is the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’?

Essentially a miniature, single-shot back up gun, that can be used for both Paintball and Airsoft games.

2) What would you use the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ for?

It’s intended as a back-up or last-ditch option for those carrying a primary Paintball or Airsoft gun, for use in various scenarios, or just for the collectability of a cool marker.

3) How the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ work?

It uses special Air Cartridges that are charged or ‘pumped-up’ by a standard CO2 or compressed air tank.

4) Why is the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ referred to as a ‘Launcher’ and not a gun?

The Air Cartridge is self-contained as it carries the air charge as well as the actual barrel itself.
Therefore, the Launcher just provides the means to release the air charge (via the hammer) from the
Air Cartridge, and act as…well, a launcher.

5) Aside from what’s already in the kit, what else do you need to operate the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’?

You’ll need a source of compressed CO2 (Paintball CO2 tank) or compressed air (Paintball Air tank), as well as well as standard .68 Paintballs or 6MM Airsoft BB’s.

6) Is the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ legal to purchase in my country, state or province?

The GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ is a considered a Paintball Marker by most countries, and is not a replica of any real gun.
It is therefore governed by the same laws that apply to any Paintball Marker.
It’s important to note that although the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ can house the 6MM NITRO-EXPRESS AIR CARTRIDGE, it is not an Airsoft gun as it does not have the where-with-all to shoot an Airsoft BB by itself, under its own

7) Is the GOBLIN ‘SOLO’ allowed to be used on Paintball and Airsoft fields?

This is strictly up to the folks who run the fields! As the velocity does not exceed 300 FPS (typically 200-250 FPS),
chances are good that you’ll be allowed to use it on your field.

8) What if I break or wear-out the unit, and need spare parts?

We always carry a considerable inventory of all the parts in our warehouse, so they’re available through your GOBLIN Dealer, or through us directly if there’s no Dealer in your area.

9) How do I get one if there’s no Dealer in my area right now?

You can order GOBLIN products directly from this web-site under the ‘Customer Orders page.

10) Are there more products coming soon from GOBLIN?

Glad you asked! Yes, there is some very cool stuff that we’ll be announcing at the beginning of the New Year, so stay posted to this site!

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