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Manufacturer: ICD Indian Creek Design
Year: ????

The second generation Panther was renamed Puma. It had the now-classic ICD vertical valve semi-automatic blow-back operation with dual ASA adapters, front and rear. It and the Bobcat were introduced together, and share almost all components. All valve parts are interchangeable with newer models. The Puma and Bobcat receivers do have a few unique features from the later Thundercat and Alleycat markers. The lower receiver is taller and heavier. The grip flange and trigger guard are machined in one piece into the frame, later models went to two parts to reduce material waste. The upper receiver has two large ribs that fit into deep square grooves in the lower receiver, with the frame screws threaded into the thicker sections.

The vertical adapter on the Puma can be rotated 180 to point forward so the user could mount the CO2 tank running under the barrel like a VM68. It came with a 10 inch barrel and the original foam grip over the barrel connection.


Action: Semi Automatic
Valve Style: Other
Class: Open
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Direct
Barrel: Removable
Gas Source: Contant Air


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