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Mod 85

Mod 85

Manufacturer: Para-Ordnance
Year: 1987

The Model 85 "Dye Marking Tactical Machine Pistol." was designed as a close-quarters-combat training device for law enforcement and military personnel. More of a 'simunition' gun than a traditional paintball marker, the Mod 85 used actual cartridges which housed a .375 caliber paintball and a primer. Magazine fed and polymer bodied, the marker was closely styled after the Ingram MAC-10 sub-machine gun, right down to the fully automatic operation (the gun was available as either a semi-auto or full-auto).

The gun was known to be incredibly loud (technically being a firearm), wildly inaccurate, and terrifying to be on the receiving end of (yet a true crowd pleaser at the chrono station due to the noise, smoke, sparks and incredible cyclic rate of approximately 1200rpm). Banned from fields due to its extremely high velocities (reportedly around 400 fps), the Mod 85 saw little use on paintball fields, and is now considered more of a novelty gun, especially given the lack of ammunition for it.


Action: Other
Valve Style: Other
Class: Open
Caliber: .357
Feed Type: Clip
Barrel: Fixed
Gas Source: Other


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Mod 85 Ad Scan from APG May 1988 - JPG 35 kb

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m85_cartrage_patent - pdf 597 kb

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