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Frank Gun

Frank Gun

Manufacturer: Misc - Miscellaneous Manufacturers
Year: 1986

The Frank Gun, was made by Frank Postle. There were a total of 26 of these made.

They were drop on kits for a Nelspot, and originally cost $125 for the kit. The barrel is steel and one piece. It was a double sided pump (two arms). This was the first long barrel Nelson of all time. The team was the Wolfpack of Southern California.

The one shown is a magnificent Carter upgrade to the original Frank gun. However, note that it is so Carterized that it does not even look like the original Frank guns. The original had the Nelson grip frame. This has the Carter frame which came later. It has a lot of Carter upgrades also that just weren't around at the time the Frank guns came out. Only the Wolfpack was allowed to buy these kits.

Wolfpack won the Sat Cong Village 1986 Challenge (15-player tournament format) using these guns. Wolfpack wore the most rag tag collection of ripped and torn camouflage ever to grace a paintball field. We were not supposed to win - the home teams from SC were very tough at home. And so the legend grew.

Special Thanks to Jessica Sparks for the above information.


Action: Pump
Valve Style: Nelson
Class: Stock
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Stock
Barrel: Fixed
Gas Source: 12 Gram


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