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DYE Matrix

DYE Matrix

Manufacturer: Dye - Dave Youngblood Enterprises
Year: 2003

What ultimately ended up as the Dye Matrix started in 1994 as a conversation between machinist Lee Kirwan and paintball shop owner Mike Lukas. By the time the valve was patented in 1997 there was nothing else out there like it. They approached differed companies to make their guns, eventually settling on ProCaps. The gun was converted to electropneumatic and unveiled at Skyball 2000. It went through several revisions, namely to fix the terrible 1st generation bolt kits, and add low pressure regulators. Procaps sold them under the Diablo brand.

Eventually, most of production was moved to Generation-E Sports in New York, a division of Cousins Paintball. They sold the bulk of guns during 2002-2003, including several private label varieties. More revisions were made, including the addition of anti-chop eyes and an LCD board modeled after the one in the Angel.

In late 2003, Mike Lukas sold the patent for the Matrix to Dye, who quickly issued cease and desist letters to all aftermarket bolt manufacturers they felt infringed on their new patent. Dye also lightened the body a little, and changed the HPR and LPR to their own brands. The gun was sold until it was replaced by the DM4 (Dye Matrix '04) in 2004. Since then, every year Dye has unveiled a new model of DM that is slightly smaller or lighter. The valving remains functionally the same, though it did receive a significant overhaul in the DM4. In the original Matrix, all internal bolt pieces were separate. With the DM4, all were combined in what is known as the F.U.S.E. system. Since the DM4, all subsequent revisions mirrored this change.


Action: Electric
Valve Style: Other
Class: Electronic
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Stock
Barrel: Removable
Gas Source: Contant Air


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Airtech Matrix Manual - pdf 30 kb
Dye Matrix Manual - pdf 9452 kb
Slam Bolt Manual - pdf 1856 kb

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Original Price:
$850 to 1100



Options and Accessories

A dozen or so different LPRs
Break Beam eyes
Many aftermarket electronics boards (Tadao, Virtue, Vaporworks, FreeFlow, etc.)
Aftermarket triggers
Aftermarket bolt kits
Grip Frames
Breeches, both blind and vision
Snatch grips
Decorative volumizers

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