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Manufacturer: PBX
Year: 2006

In 2003-2004ish PBX developed the MQ valve for the autococker, basically replacing all the lower tube mechanical internals with an electronically driven solenoid/poppet setup (no - I am not an electrical/mechanical engineer, so that description is probably wrong and I don't feel like looking it up - but you get the idea). Anyway, there were many delays in getting it to market, and major supply issues. After the first batch of valves went out, they began advertising that they were going to be building a limited run midblock autococker and aftermarket grip frame based around the MQ valve (which eliminates sear geometry issues and allows some cool stuff - like my raced nasty typhoon hopefully). They made a few prototypes (using legit WGP bodies as a base) and posted some videos on the internet of them shooting ~30 balls per second - very impressive and getting a lot of attention from the autococker community. Unfortunately, things fell apart at PBX in 2005 and the company effectively dissolved. A second wave of MQ valves had come out but the supply has since evaporated, and the 'autorocker' never hit the market. Apparently there are less than 10 other working models out there, and maybe another 30-50 bodies and frames that will probably never be put together or see the light of day. The code for the frame board for example was largely lost in a hard drive crash...


Action: Electric
Valve Style: Sheridan
Class: Electronic
Caliber: .68
Feed Type: Direct
Barrel: Removable
Gas Source: Contant Air


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PBX mQ Frame Kit - $375

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