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The real truth about TASO's BE-90 may never be known, but here is what we do know:

In December of 1987, a futuristic looking paintball gun, labeled "The gun everyody's been waiting for..." graced the cover of APG. It wasn't the BE-90, but a gun called the "Equalizer", by USA Crossfire. The Equalizer was currently being marketed and pushed at different venues using a "look but don't touch" method.

The gun was a double-action semi-automatic, utilizing two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, and having a built-in, spring powered 20 round magazine. This gun quickly disappeared and no one heard of it again. In 1990 a new gun called the BE-90 or "Edge" appeared on the scene. It looked like the Equalizer, had the same features of the Equalizer... It was the same gun.

After a few brief apperances, the BE-90 also vanished from sight.

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