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The Cyber9000 was going to come in different variations:

The Basic Cyber 9000:
- moderately fast fire rate of 6 to 7 shots per second

- has some In Your Face electronics features: game time clock, audible alarm, battery and on/off indicators

- MSRP $395

The Golden Cyber 9000
Includes all standard features plus:

- fast fire rate of 9 to 10 shots per second

- has ALL In Your Face electronics features

- MSRP $525

The Ultimage Cyber 9000
Includes all standard features plus:

- fast fire rate of 9 to 10 shots per second

- has ALL In Your Face electronics features

- 14" stainless steel barrel

- choice of five finishes

- personalized finishes also available at additional cost

- MSRP $725


pneuVentures, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells various pneumatically-actuated devices and systems. These products are grouped into two distinct industries or markets: outdoor recreation/paintball, and search and rescue.

Originally, pneuVentures was loosely organized as a group of seven individuals with previous long-term business associations and friendships These seven people have different yet complimentary skills and experience in the pneumatic field. These skills encompass every aspect of business including design, development, manufacturing, purchasing, materials management, sales, marketing, and finance.

As the name and its products imply, the company's primary business interest involves pneumatics, which is the containment, management and control of gaseous media, for a wide range of applications.

We, as a closely held corporation, share in a desire to fulfill our mission statement: "We will innovatively satisfy our customer and employee needs while fulfilling equity responsibilities."

In past lives and professional positions, the seven partners of pneuVentures have participated in the design, development, sales, and marketing of high and low pressure breathing regulators for such projects as Space Shuttle atmospheric revitalization pressure control system, cabin pressure airlock, extravehicular maneuvering unit, manned maneuvering unit, commercial (Boeing and Douglas) aircraft; Parachutists High Altitude Oxygen Supply System for the armed forces; missile attitude actuation control systems for such programs as Hellfire and Paveway; anti-G valves for high performance military aircraft; oxygen breating consoles for Navy submarines; commercial aircraft escape slide inflation valves; remote sensing for waste sites; nuclear waste repository design; fire saftey analysis for nuclear weapon storage; forensic engineering services; shock tube instrumentation and testing; and many others. We have extensive experience in the containment of many different gases at pressures between 500 psi and 15,000 psi.

These skills and experiences have improved paintball products and user safety. And our participation on the Paintball Subcommittee of the ASTM has been helpful for everyone involved. Standards are discussed and written to keep everyone playing safely. Lets' keep playing, and have fun!

When pneuVentures was very, very young, we met a group of paintball players while making a routine sales call to Smart Parts, Inc., in Latrobe, PA. Both companies soon saw the value of a good working relationship, which quickly developed. An exclusive sales agreement was signed in which, while remaining an independent company, pneuVentures would design, develop and manufacture pneumatic equipment for the paintball market and sell exclusively through Smart Parts. This agreement did not include other products which pneuVentures produced such as the Inflatable Rescue Signal™. Under this agreement, cylinder valves, Max Flow regulating systems, and Shocker paintball markers were successfully brought to market. This agreement was mutually dissolved in early August of 1997. Later that month, pneuVentures released a new group of In Your Face paintball products which include the new Cyber9000™ series of markers. (Formerly, for six weeks, the product was called "Warrior". Reasons developed for us to make a name change.)

Also included in the In Your Face line are pneuLoader™ pneumatic agitated ball loader, superFlow regulating systems, and the In Your Face, Too™ electronics package.

pneuVentures is here to stay. We have brought several good, safe and sturdy designs to market which many players know to be far superior to the usual equipment. The Shocker and now the Cyber9000™ are superior markers, not just for the high level player. The pneuLoader™ keeps those balls feeding and you'll never buy another 9 volt battery. The superFlow regulators keep your shots consistent across gas usage, in all weather types. Technical support and product warranty is quick and readily available. And we have many ideas for even greater products... but that's all confidential, and in the future -- or is it In Your Face™?

pneuVentures is in your face, and we plan to stay there!

[ Pneuventures actually closed their doors only a few months later ]

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