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The Story of "Thunder Pig"

[ Archived from CMI's Website ]


All the original paintballers knew Bill Harvey. He was hard-driving, beer guzzling, and straight talking. He was a giant, but he could move fast and shoot straight, too.

At the time, it took serious money to play paintball with the fancy equipment on the market, and Bill, who loved the sport and knew it would grow, wanted to open it up to everybody. In 1988 he started designing the paint-gun marker that would be accurate and affordable. It would be a no-frills, good, working gun. That was the birth of the PI-1 "Pig Gun."

In late 1989, we began manufacturing the first 1,000 "Pigs," and at the 1990 June international paintball show in New York, Bill introduced them. While he was there, he was suddenly stricken and died.

Bill's passing was a tragedy to many. He was a legend in the sport, and we will always miss him. But we keep his memory at CMI as we continue to produce affordable products for everyday enthusiasts of paintball.

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