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In 1990 CCI started working on a semi-auto. The design was a autococking marker similar to the way a Autococker works. This design was short lived and Mike started thinking of an alternative semi-auto. Then in 1993 the rotary breach design was decided on to go to R&D.

The breach in the resting position was closed (thus making it a true closed bolt marker) The electronics would spin the breach open load a paintball and then spin back to wait for the next trigger pull. The marker ran off of 2- 9volt batteries. The max balls per second (BPS) was 7 and this was do to the fact that the breach had to go from closed to open wait for a ball and then close again. Mike tested a 2 hole breach and that bumped the BPS up to 14 but there was still quite a bit of R&D to do before it could be brought to market.
In 1996 after the Armature Open he decided to cut his losses and not produce it and stick to the well known Phantom line. The one he made is still on display at CCI's headquarters in Newberg, OR.

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