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The Armson semi-auto was developed to offer an 'alternative approach' to the AGD Automag line of markers.

Pro-Team Products had early on established a deep working relationship with Tom Kaye and AGD; the 68MicroMag aftermarket body represented the first step in the direction of where some designers hoped and expected it would go: a standardized "engine" (A.I.R. valve) and a whole slew of body styles and aftermarket upgrades & accessories.

PTP began as an import and design operation; relationships established with Armson LTD in South Africa during a personal trip to that country eventually developed into a robust paintball community in South Africa and some of the first (high quality) imports of paintball tech to the United States, starting with the Armson barrel and growing from there.

PTP contributed a huge number of designs and concepts to Armson, while also introducing numerous domestic products to the industry. During the heyday of PCRI (a product review publication), not a month would go by that didn't have coverage of at least one PTP introduction. A review of the magazines' ratings will reveal that PTP received more reviews than any other company AND more top ratings (both numerically and by percentage) than any other company in the industry.

PTP had its hand in barrel design, marker design, goggle design, camouflage pattern design, regulator design, loader design, paintball design and everything else at the time.

Several years into operation, Armson decided that it wanted to make a domestic high-end marker (domestic in this case being South Africa). Such a marker could do well not only at home but, because of South Africa's strategic location, throughout the rest of the world - Europe, Asia, Australia.

Work commenced and design criteria were ambitious: every component of the paintball marker was going to be analyzed, improved and taken to at least the next generation

Lots of future needs were anticipated. PTP developed some concepts and approached AGD with one of them. AGD granted their permission and the Armson Semi Auto was born.

The Armson Semi incorporates the following features:

Unregulated design
Dual CA Adapter Bottomline
Expansion Chamber in Grip
Collet Retention System for Barrel
Spring "Arm" Style Detent
Ambidextrous Powerfeed
Center Feed Ball Drop System

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