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Welcome to the Online Paintball Museum! is dedicated to the collection and preservation of Paintball's History. By archiving photos, ad scans, manuals, and more, we hope to keep the knowledge of Paintball's Past alive.

This site is fully searchable. The Marker Exhibit can be viewed by Manufacturer, Marker, and Type of Marker just in case you don't know the name.

As you can see, this is a work in progress, so not all the information is currently available. We hope to steadily add to the site and fill out the data.

Please view the Donate section to see how you can help out by submitting Ad Scans, Articles, and Information.

Of course, we have an online forum, so that collectors may gather together and network. Chit chat about paintball, collecting, or post your wares in the classifieds.

Do you have a love for the history and collecting the sport as much as we do? We are currently taking applications for curators. The pay is lousy, and the bosses jerks, but we need dedicated people to help enter data. If you think you have what it takes, contact us and tell us why we should appoint you as a curator.

- The Paintball Museum Team!

Paintball Museum Spotlight - WDP Angel 2K3 LCD

Angel 2K3 LCD


Manufacturer: WDP
Year: 2003

WDP have released a Limited 2003 edition of the Angel LCD. This sleek new design is scheduled to hit stores in January and as the pictures show is possibly the coolest cut ever to be seen on an LCD. WDP have used the same new laser guided CNC's which carve the awesome IR3 to give the LCD a heavenly new look, the 03 comes with a dust finish in Silver, Black or Blue variants. As with any WDP product it does not stop with the looks; The 03 includes the IR3's gated feed system, a chain frame as standard, complete with custom trigger, and utilizes the IR3's smaller and more efficient 14 way valve and Supa-glide ram. The new LCD also has the strengthened board, with hardened Vibes and Micro-switch connection. Altogether an awesome package. The most surprising part we have left until last, the LCD 03 actually retails at well under a thousand dollars, which makes it the most affordable Angel out there, and a terrific option for those players who cannot afford to step up to get the Angel IR3

Site Updates

Just added the DSDS Model 494 and the Sidekick Semi

Happy New Year!

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