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Steve Buzick had is factory/CNC machine shop, Confederate Army Supply, in Canoga Park California.
He also made his 11.5 and 14 inch model Rebline markers.
Those who grew up shooting a Nespot based marker will recognize some innovative features he incorporated in his products.
Things such as:
A quick-disconnect pump/arm assembly. One only had to click two little levers to remove the entire assembly.
A tapered tight bore barrel that came off with one bolt hand tightened.
An adjustabe sightrail.
An adjustable pin for the valve-pin inside the ASA.
And get this, interchangeable multi-patterned delrin bolts...neat.

Little known fact:
Steve also ran a field.
His field "Southern Comfort" was THE OLDEST FIELD in LA County circa 1985.
It was located on Baily Road behind the Lopez Canyon landfill in Sylmar California bordering the Angeles National Forest.
A big fan of the South, his home team was aptly named "Stars and Bars".

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