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The Company that was Originally known as AirTech Design, Which Produced the Highest Quality Nelson Most Awesome Pump action Paintball Guns and Accessories from the Late 80's to early 90's. They were one of the early developers of the Nelspot Based Long Barrel Pump guns, multiple constant air high performance accessories and product, one of there notable advertising campaigns included the 24 kt Gold plated long guns, complete with suppressors (ref. 1988 Adventure game magazines), and sponsored full and 5 man Teams for competition such as Havoc and the Flintstones.

There field guns could be found at organizations such as Fields of Fire, Santa Clarita, to Central Coast Challenge, Santa Maria. They originated as the Manufacturer providing Product exclusively to the original Skirmish retailer based in Reseda, Ca. Eventually, the Business grew so rapidly that they had to branch out as the behind the scenes manufacturer to dozens of companies such as Gramps and Grizzly, Adventure Sports, and a whole plethora of other retailers.

The manufacturing operation was based in Valencia, CA, and remained there until it's demise, it appears that after the end of the Airtech Designs era, that other producers utilized derivatives of the name. The original Airtech Design Products were Definitely identifiable by some of the Highest Quality Standards and the most innovative stying of it's day, with many variations of the Legend platform.

They ceased operations due to Financial difficulties incurred by entering the International market, and choosing to Ship on Open Invoicing worldwide, as the distributors increased Orders, Payment slowed from 90 to 120 day's, to NO PAYMENTS. They ended up Closing the Doors, Deep In Debt!!!! This was the End of an Era for the original Airtech Design. They did not sell out, or merge with anyone!, They simply 'Shut Down Operations' and Vanished into the History Books!

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