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History of Airgun Designs:
Founder Tom Kaye started Airgun Designs in 1987 as a supplier to paintball distributors. The companyís previous experience with air-operated machinery quickly led them to developing a wide array of accessories for the industry. Working on a semi-auto marker in 1988, the company worked through two failed designs before introducing the Automag in 1990.
Evolving from an accessory manufacturer in the 80ís to a marker manufacturer in the 90ís, AGD continued its tradition of building tough, reliable products. The early 90ís saw the Automag and the Autococker completely dominating the tournament scene world wide.
In the late 90ís the company branched out and took on the challenge of developing non-lethal weapons for the armed forces and police.
The new millennium has brought with it the added challenge of manufacturing tough, reliable and good looking products as the paintball industry evolves. The companyís shift from stainless to aluminum indicates that AGD was evolving.

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